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Teresa Allan-Burch

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Teresa Allan-Burch

Inspirational Products To Encourage you

At New Creation Health Unlimited we offer our gifts, talents, and Biblical insights in order to help you be more and more free from physical, emotional, and even spiritual pain, by sharing how to make better choices in life regarding your relationship with God, your relationship with others, your relationship with everything around you, and even  your relationship with yourself.  We desire to see the Body of Christ truly experience the abundant life promised to all believers and therefore, offer music CDs, inspirational poems, and Christian radio broadcasts.


Co-founder of New Creation Health Unlimited, Teresa has been used by God to touch and move the hearts of many through her gift of song. You'll love her Christian music albums Songs of The Heart, Rock of Ages, Lost In Your Love,  Abandoned To Thee, and Forever Faithful.

 CDs / Videos 

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These programs are designed to both reach and speak to those not in the household of faith, but mostly help fellow believers choose to make more positive choices regarding their daily Christian walk and their relationship with God, their relationship with others, their relationship with everything around them, as well as their relationship with themselves.

Radio Broadcasts


We all need inspiration in our lives, and it is Teresa’s prayer that the poems she’s been given will be used to enrich you and your spirit, to encourage and comfort you,
strengthen and renew you, challenge and admonish you, while at the same
time remind you of God's perfect love, His justice, His power, and His wisdom.

Inspirational Poetry

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Songs of The Heart

Powerfully inspiring
and uplifting songS

Rock of Ages

Always cherished
and never forgotten old time hymns
that we love so well


A selection
original songs

Unto His Purpose

 Inspirational Poetry TO ENCOURAGE,
YOUR Christian FAITH