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Inspirational Poems
Teresa Allan-Burch

It is our wish and prayer at New Creation Health Unlimited that all of the offerings on our website, unto The Lord Jesus Christ and our Almighty God, will be used to enrich the lives and spirits of our listeners and readers. The inspirational poems by Teresa will encourage, comfort, challenge, and admonish you, while at the same time, remind you of God's perfect love, His justice, His power, and His wisdom. We currently have four different volumes of her poetry available for customers to enjoy. Read one of her poems below.

Beautiful FLower Teresa Allan-Burch beautiful melody of flowers


"There is no wrong that you can do, if you are walking in love,
That is if you are walking in, the love of God above,
For with His love you can fulfill, what He wants most of you,
And that is to be like His Son, in what you say and do.

This love it puts a neighbor first, and reaches to the lost,
It seldom thinks about itself, instead it mounts the cross,
This love it does not want to take, instead so wants to give,
This love it bleeds for others' sake, and dies to help men live.

This love you cannot find on earth, unless you've come to know,
The love of God and Christ, His Son, through which His Spirit flows,
It also flows as Jesus has, His way in those He's called,
Through His disciples in the world, whose hearts He's overhauled.

This love of God, it manifests, when Christians stop and think,
Before they act, before they talk, to shore up all weak links,
For we should always be asking, "What will I now create?
Will my thoughts, my words, my actions, show love when I relate?"

The Word says, if you love more the world, then Jesus you will hate,
But if you truly love Him, you will soon see heaven's gate,
On Earth, you'll just be passing through, with always heaven in mind,
Yes, though your feet still touch the ground, you're with Him all the time.

For by the Blood of Christ, the faithful, with God, they are one,
Yes, all those that are called by name, before Him they will come,
Where Love Himself in all His glory, will welcome each one home,
To live forever as His temple, with Christ, the Cornerstone.

So if our Lord divested of Himself, choose ye the same,
Forsake all that the world offers, its friendship, wealth, and fame,
Forsake all carnal, earthly ways, and seek just what's above,
Seek only the God of Justice, the God of Wisdom, Pow'r and Love."

"And walk in love as Christ also hath loved us,
and hath given Himself for us an offering and
a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling savior."
Ephesians 5:2
Unto His Purpose Vol. 1

volume 1

Unto His Purpose Vol. 2

volume 2

Unto His Purpose Vol. 3

volume 3

Unto His Purpose Vol. 4

volume 4

Each volume is a compilation of 24 inspirational poems interspersed with 
beautiful pictures, and is formated into a 8 1/2" x 11" laminated spiral binder.

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