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Teresa'S Testimony


Unto His Purpose

Two rosebuds You picked, that had blossomed not,
At least not on earth, for You chose their lot,
I ask you no questions, I need not know why,
But raise up to Thee, with this humble reply.

I thank Thee oh God, for all Thou hast done,
For Your wonderful mercy, for Jesus, Your Son,
For two little boys, that brought me such joys,
For the laughter and tears, though short were their years.

For through suffering and sorrow, and all the dismay,
Came a hope for tomorrow, as You lead the way,
What a joy now to live, proclaiming The Story,
Of You and Your Son, Whom I give all the Glory!

I want to share with you about the above poem I wrote, "Unto His Purpose". Before the marriage to my late husband, Richard, in 1987, I had two children from a previous marriage. Unfortunately both of my children were born with a genetic disorder that rendered their bodies helpless to the world of germs and bacteria. They were born without an immune system. The name of the disease is called, "severe combined immune deficiency". Children born with this deficiency have been referred to as "bubble babies", being that some of them were kept in a germ-free environment, or bubble, prior to their inevitable death.

My first boy, Seth Thomas, lived only six months, and my second boy, Thomas Roy, lived 18 months. Losing them was the greatest pain I had ever experienced in my life. But it was through this pain and suffering that God, along with other various experiences, had been preparing the soil of my heart to receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. God created in me the awareness of not only my need to be saved from my sins and sin nature, but my need for Him to deliver me from the terrible pain from the death of my children. Needless to say, since I began serving The Lord with all my heart, soul, and strength, He truly has delivered me from all my troubles.

My encouragement to you is that as God prepares your heart, instead of turning from Him in your pain; turn to Him, for He wants to draw you into a personal relationship with Himself through His Son, Jesus Christ. And for those who already know Jesus, as Lord, I encourage you to seek only Him in your times of trouble so that He can rescue you, and you can give Him all the Glory. Since I received Jesus Christ as my personal Lord, and Savior in 1979 and turned my life and all its troubles over to Him, it is now as if all this never happened. Sure, the memories are still there, but God has delivered me from all the pain and sorrow, by His Love, by His Mercy, and by His Faithfulness. God is so good!